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We are two brothers raised on the Gold Coast who have had the privilege to watch this beautiful place grow into what it is today. We are so proud to call the Gold Coast home. Over the years, we slowly noticed the amount of crime and especially break-ins was on the rise. Many of our friends and family members had their houses broken into over night or things stolen from around the house. We were furious to find out local families were being targeted. We quickly realised a lot of these break-ins could have been prevented with a security camera system installed. From two different industries we came together to fight back against the local crime. Striving to secure as many homes as possible all over the GC. Our mission is simple, fighting to keep the city we love safe and secure.

Security, Safety and Customer Service. These are the core values of GCTV which are provided to each and every customer. We pride ourselves on these core values ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the final result.


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CCTV Installation

We provide a whole range of solutions for residential and commercial customers. Our camera systems are the leading technology in the industry. PoE and wireless solutions. We also provide Electrical and telecommunication work. Contact us with any enquiry if we can’t help we will point you in the right direction.

We are engaged in the following activities:


Commercial Security Installations


Residential Security Installations


PoE/Wireless Camera Systems


Intercom / Doorbells


Antenna/Satellite Installations



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