We supply and install all the security equipment professionally and efficiently. All the cameras will be adjusted to exactly where you would like them. We set up the entire system on your phone and other devices, providing a 20 minute tutorial on how to use the system. 

Our wired Dahua camera system records 24/7. It stores recordings for around 20 days. Once the hard drive is full it starts to overwrite from the beginning.

Yes. From the APP we install on your phone, you can easily access past footage from a click of a button. We run you through this during the tutorial at the end of the installation.

You do not need internet for the security system to record 24/7. However, if you wish to view the cameras remotely via your phone or smart device, you will require a home internet connection.

A standard installation is determined once we inspect the property. Extra costs may be applied depending on the size of the property and if there is sufficient roof access to run cabling.

Yes. Our latest Dahua cameras have Starlight night mode technology. This allows the cameras to see clearly all throughout the night.

All our Dahua equipment have a 3 year warranty. If there are any issues with the equipment within that time, we will come and replace it.

A UPS is a uninterruptible power supply. It is a backup battery that allows the system to work even if there is a power outage. Our standard UPS runs for around 30 minutes during a power outage. We recommend adding this to your system for extra security.

NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. We install this device in your home or business. It powers all the cameras and stores all of the recorded footage from the cameras. 

PoE stands for, Power over Ethernet. All of our systems are wired with CAT6 cable from each camera back to the NVR recorder. Just this one cable to each camera provides power and allows data to flow back and forth. This allows for easy installation and upgradability.

The security camera systems we provide work to record and store footage for easy playback. With a Wi-Fi connection and the DMSS mobile app, you will be able to view stored and live footage remotely at any time. Make sure to see the amazing packages we offer so that you can be protected today.

Yes. You can link your cameras to your Wi-Fi through the DMSS app. Setting up your cameras through the DMSS mobile app is quick and convenient.

The setup process is easy to follow and relatively quick to complete. First, open the DMSS app and top on the plus sign in the top right corner of the home page. It is easiest to choose the first option: “SN/Scan.” This will prompt you to scan the device’s QR code, which is usually on the back of the security camera system. Once that is complete, you can tap next and join the device’s hotspot. You can then set up a password for your device. After you tap “NEXT”, you will be prompted to select a Wi-Fi network and enter its password. At this point, your device is connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can also name your device and set up the time zone to fully complete the setup.

It depends on the space that you're working with and what you will be needing the devices for. We offer a range of amazing packages that all come with a 3-year warranty, smart motion detection, night vision capabilities and more: 

  • 2 camera package
  • 4 camera package
  • 6 camera package
  • 8 camera package

For more information on our packages and how you can get started today, contact us and we would be happy to help. 

Yes. The amazing 6MP security camera system from Dahua is well equipped for the finer details. You can use the mobile app to zoom in for extra clarity, whether license plates, faces, etc. 

Yes. The Dahua security camera system has a 4TB network video recorder with 8 channels. Using the DMSS mobile app, you can watch live footage from your cameras no matter where you are. You can also replay footage and get notifications sent to your phone at any time.

Yes. The Dahua security camera system is equipped with a microphone. Audio is recorded — and just like with video, you can listen to this remotely through the mobile app at your leisure.

Because the cameras run on your property's power, a power outage will also turn off the security camera system. For more information and clarity on this, you can contact us online and speak to an expert member of staff.

Let us know if you have any other questions.