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Welcome to GCtv, your one-stop shop for Gold Coast security cameras and monitoring systems. Committed to providing the best solution to meet your needs, our security camera packages are designed to accommodate small, medium and large domestic and commercial homes and businesses. Whether you are looking to improve your home security protocols or want to protect your local business, our team is ready to share our expert advice to ensure you select the most suitable security system for your needs.

CCTV Installation

2 Camera Package

- Fully Installed -

- Based on standard installation -

4 Camera Package

- Fully Installed -

- Based on standard installation -

6 Camera Package

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- Based on standard installation -

8 Camera Package

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Crystal Clear Footage

Our 6MP Dahua cameras provide an extremely crisp recording, catching all the small details that regular cameras would miss. From the app you can zoom in to see number plates, clear faces and more.

24/7 Recording

Our system records 24/7, capturing everyday from start to finish. Intelligent motion detection, alerting you only if it detects unusual movement. Never miss a thing.

Custom security packages made up of the best tech


When we look to put together our comprehensive security packages, we only use products from world-renowned and trusted brands like Dahua, AXIS, Hikvision and more. Hand-selected by our team based on their performance and reliability, you can rest assured that our packages offer some of the best CCTV security on the Gold Coast.


State-of-the-art business and home security cameras on the Gold Coast


Whether you are after an entry-level security system to install into your home or are looking for a comprehensive solution to improve the security of your multi-level business, we have got CCTV packages built for your needs. With our expert advice, you can trust that a GCtv security system will protect your most important assets with ease.


Our two-camera package is the perfect choice for home security cameras on the Gold Coast for use in small residential or business settings. This security package is great for duplexes or small shops.


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Invest in peace of mind


Always committed to excellent service, there are many advantages of choosing to work with GCtv. Whether you select a package for your home or business, when you invest in our Gold Coast CCTV security systems, you always get access to state-of-the-art benefits, including:


  • Mobile viewing options — Want to monitor your space when you are away? With phone-viewing options for all recording cameras, you can keep an eye on your property, no matter where you are.
  • Three-year quality warranty — At GCtv, we believe that high-quality solutions should be built to last. With this in mind, we proudly offer a three-year warranty guarantee on all of our Gold Coast security camera systems, ensuring that you get lasting peace of mind.
  • Customer service — As a team of local experts in CCTV and camera security systems for Gold Coast homes and businesses, we always help our customers install their new surveillance technology properly, on the first try. From the best camera placement to advanced monitoring techniques, you will be completely taken care of when you choose to hire GCtv for your security needs.


To learn more about our services and available packages, please feel free to visit our FAQs page.


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A proudly Australian company started by two brothers with a dream, GCtv is your go-to place for everything CCTV and security cameras on the Gold Coast. Always committed to 5-star customer service, join the 500+ residential and business properties secured by comprehensive security packages from GCtv.

To learn more about our packages or to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact our team today. We look forward to providing you with a custom quote to get your security project up and running in no time!


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